Tig Crowley Designs is a Sydney-based company bringing award winning, innovative and environmentally

conscious landscapes to city and rural environments.

Prior to gaining qualifications in Landscape Design and Horticulture, Tig had already established a

reputation for his intuitive sense of design, marrying natural forms and organic principles with an inherent

sense of water-wise design and regenerative land management practices on his grazing property in

northern New South Wales.

Since moving to Willoughby in Sydney Tig has brought together a highly experienced and dedicated team

including architects, designers, engineers, contractors and horticulturalists.

Our landscape portfolio includes unique private spaces and larger commercial projects designed to suit

the varied needs of our clients. We achieve aesthetically fresh, elegant and practical solutions using

exciting and appropriate design features and plant selections.

We have a climate where the outdoors is accessible throughout most of the year. Outdoor spaces can

provide extra ‘rooms’ at a fraction of the cost of extending a house. Our appropriate garden

transformations have been welcomed by clients seeking additional living and entertaining space.

Enjoy our website and please contact Tig Crowley Designs to discuss your landscape design requirements.